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Horse from Troje

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"Beriniteit" is a street theater show for (international) festivals and other outdoor events.


A Royal horse rides through the streets and over the fields of the Kingdom. Followed by the Royal carriage. A King and a Queen get off. The audience forms a circle and wait for what will happen. Gradually they are drawn into a unravelling fairytale about love, anger and travels, with a lot of live music and a minimum of words. After the performance the King turns out to be a musician and the Queen a fortune teller.

Riding through the streets with their horse they spread their music and wise words.


music and theater, with a lot of humour and a minimum of words. Interactive with the audience. English or French spoken.

The horse is an historic "tandem" bicycle from 1938 with engine and a carriage. In 4 hours presence, 4 sets of 40 minutes of playing time. 

4 x 40 minuten in  4 houres         € 1.100,00

Transport € 0,35/km Aardenburg v.v.

performance Beriniteit
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