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This act is covid-19 proof! The fortune teller will stay put in the big table and speaks from behind a plastic screen. She will show the cards to the audience; they will pick a card from a safe distance, and then the fortune teller herself will take the card and explain it.

Visiting a bar was never such a spectacle.

This  floating bar will give the guests an unique, spiritual and musical experience.

They will talk about it for days.

This bar is suitable for many occasions and it will magically transform every place in a nightclub with the atmosphere of the Moulin Rouge.

At festivals, parties and fairs or in pubs, bars and restaurants.

This floating table, with his fairytale lights, music, decoration and his cross-section of 1m70 will be the eye-catcher on every occasion.

The opening act will introduce the sisters Marjory and Eugenie, two fascinating women who will do anything to make the curious bystanders  part of their dramatic lives.   Marjory is a fortuneteller, with her Tarot cards she can answer all the questions live has for us in store.

And Eugenie, with her accordion, sings beautiful songs and entertains the guest with witty words.

And so, between the wisdom of the cards and the magic of the music and with the help of innocent bystanders,  the theatrical story of the two sisters unravels……

4 x 40 minutes in  4 houres        € 1.210,00

Transport € 0,35/km Aardenburg (Holland) v.v.

foto tarotbar
travestie solo
Madame Roza mobiele tarotbar 004
waarzegster Mobiele Tarotbar
Madame Roza mobiele tarotbar 001
Waarzegster nachtclub

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